It's no surprise that these sparkling LED-lit blown glass gems have captivated the lighting world since their introduction a year ago. It's enormously challenging to design "wow" fixtures that also provide plenty of functional lighting, but that's exactly what we've done with the Hammerton Studio Bezel/Gem Collection.


Our new 12-Gem Oval Starburst, shown here with Smoke (top) and Clear (bottom) glass gems, makes a statement in any space that needs a little drama. This PLB0039-0D chandelier retails for $6,795 and is offered in five gem glass colors and four finishes.

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The Gem Starburst is also available in a 38"D and 48"D round design, shown here with Bronze (top) and Amber (bottom) glass gems. The 38" diameter CHB0039-0G retails for $6,795. The 48" diameter CHB0039-0H retails for $6,995. Choose from five gem glass colors and four finishes.

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