Optic Blown Glass Collection by Hammerton Studio

Very few lighting styles captivate the eye quite like Hammerton Studio Optic Blown Glass. Each blown glass shade is artisan crafted in our Salt Lake City glass studio from up to five pounds of glass, and achieves its stunning visual effect from a molten glass ribbon that is hand-wrapped around the glass bubble during fabrication. The ribbon adds variation to the shade wall thickness and creates a magical dance of light and color within the glass. Due to the handmade character of each shade, no two are ever exactly alike.

This popular collection offers a choice of three blown glass shade styles: Coppa, Ellisse, and our new 'Terra' globe. Showcase your favorite style in sconces, pendants, and multi-port waterfalls, or feature all three styles together in any of the new 'Misto' fixtures shown below. All fixtures are available in several glass colors and finishes.