Lean Manufacturing: A Green Business Model

At Hammerton, environmental stewardship isn’t just a company initiative – it’s a foundational component of our business model.

In every aspect of company operations we adhere to ‘lean’ production principles and processes that enable us to deliver maximum value to our customers while minimizing waste and space usage. Less waste results in fewer manufacturing by-products and smaller landfills, while less space requires less energy to heat and light our facilities. 

We further reduce waste and energy usage with high-efficiency lighting and heating, state-of-the-art technologies that minimize scrap, and environmental initiatives that include:

Recycled Materials & Waste Products: Most of our raw materials – including much of our steel and glass – are made from recycled material. Additionally, we recycle every major waste product coming out of our manufacturing and shipping processes, including 100% of scrap steel and glass, all incoming cartons and boxes, empty packaging foam drums and consumables.

VOC-Free Powder Coats:  We finish our products exclusively with powder coats, virtually eliminating the hazardous waste and disposal issues of traditional wet paint finishes. Powder coats provide a remarkably durable, environmentally compliant finish that rivals the aesthetics of traditional wet paints and can even contribute toward USGBC LEED credits.

Bio-stable Recyclable Packing Foam: In our packaging operations we use an expandable material that dramatically reduces both fuel consumption and landfill. Less than a pallet of this product is equivalent to an entire tractor trailer of common styrofoam packing peanuts.  

Sustainable Wood Suppliers: All wood used in our products and packaging comes from wood suppliers that are certified by recognized forestry sustainability agencies.

Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions: As a company, we are firmly committed to staying abreast of technologies that enable us to design and develop energy efficient lighting solutions. We offer energy saving electrical options on most products, and we strongly encourage the use of efficient lamping in all our fixtures.

The Green Case for Domestic Manufacturing

While the popular argument for buying American-made goods emphasizes economic benefits, the ‘green’ case is equally compelling.  Bottom line, domestic-made goods consume less energy and contribute less pollution to the environment than foreign-made goods. This is due primarily to the environmental costs inherent in transporting goods over long distances, and the fact that most foreign production facilities have significantly lower environmental quality standards than we do in the U.S.

While most of our industry manufactures offshore, every Hammerton product is designed, manufactured, assembled, packed and shipped from Salt Lake City, Utah. Additionally, most of our raw materials are sourced within the 48 states. These practices significantly reduce the environmental impact of Hammerton products vs. foreign-made substitutes.