A Trending Favorite: Apothecary

The Apothecary Collection showcases sleek transparent glass shades in a modern minimalist form that looks chic and retro when paired with vintage bulbs. The juxtaposition of urban and antique lends itself to a versatile style that will elevate a variety of spaces.

Science meets art in this modern lighting collection that showcases crisp, crystal-clear glass shades, subtly reminiscent of 19th century apothecary jars. Each glass jar is expertly crafted by our team of in-house glass artisans - handmade precision yet charmingly individual.  

Sharp 3509-13_E0E3064 Stairs from lower landing to game room.jpg

Available in multi-port chandeliers, pendants and sconces. Multi-ports include a standard combination of three glass shade styles. Customize your Apothecary fixture and expand its versatility with a choice of four glass colors and four finish options. 

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